Our Missions & Values

Alliance Building Contractors Ltd. strives to become your preferred go-to, value-added building contractor in our New Brunswick and Nova Scotia regions, by:

  • Providing construction solutions and innovations that are both functional and economical.
  • Achieving the highest standards of quality and performance that are economically sustainable.
  • Delivering projects within budget and on schedule.
  • Enjoying the collaborative process by working with professionals of similar values.
  • Meeting our Mission by constantly and consistently applying Our Core Values and adding value for all stakeholders by:
    • Working together with all stakeholders, transparently with honesty and integrity.
    • Constantly identifying new opportunities through emerging technologies, methods, and systems.

Our Core Values

Our core values drive our leadership, business practices, and culture including:

  • Valuing people and treating them with respect and fairness.
  • Striving to exceed the needs of our customers.
  • Taking responsibility for the quality of our work and exceeding the status quo.
  • Consistently demonstrating honesty and integrity in all our activities, and aligning ourselves with team members that promote these values.
  • Always putting safety first for all parties involved on every site project.


When it comes to our stakeholders, we:

  • Empower our customers by enhancing access to value-added services through a team who gathers a deeper understanding of needs and project programming to better meet your objectives and expectations.
  • Save them money considering life cycle value by offering higher efficiencies in our systems, methods of delivery, and quality of our work.

Team (Trades/Suppliers & Employees)

We aim to engage employees and trade partners whose background, expertise, and experience fit the project, programming, delivery method, and values (cost vs. performance).

Trades & Suppliers

We effectively trade resources grown over long-term relationships and similar values.


Alliance Building Contractors Ltd. provides the most complete workplace cladding, erection, and safety training in the region. Our company culture provides a dynamic environment where our employees are:

  • Trained
  • Valued
  • Empowered
  • Motivated
  • Safe


We help to empower and uplift the communities in which we operate, add to the quality of life, as well as keep social and environmental responsibility in mind.

Government & Regulatory

As a steelway builder, we focus on:

  • Supporting and aiding in the development of policies through participation in committees, groups, and organizations that enable proactive, partnering, and our involvement within shaping systems and processes in positive ways.
  • Being members of various organizations while participating in code and best practices’ development. Learn more under our professional affiliations.
  • Being an energy efficiency builder.

For more information on our past track record, please view our completed projects. You may also contact us for references.

We look forward to an opportunity to speak with you about your building project. Call today!