For your convenience, you can find some technical resources on this page. However, if you still have any questions about any construction terms or services, please contact Alliance Building Contractors Ltd. for more information.

Clear Span Style

This style is typically a rigid metal framed structure made up of 3 plate frames (without interior columns) that uses continuous runs of cold-formed shapes to support the exterior cladding or sheathing systems.

Multiple Span (Posted) Style

This style is similar to clear span style but with interior supports located at suitable locations to reduce the structure cost.

Multiple Level Style

This style is a metal structural used in a variety of combinations to form a building with 2 or more floor systems.

Wood/Steel Pre-engineered or Fabric Styles

This combination of materials is tailored to provide the most economical enclosures, using standardized (pre-engineered) framing heights, and spans.

Roofing Systems, Siding Systems, Over Roofing, & Re-roofing Solutions

Metal covering systems and components which can be adapted to most any application (new or retro-fit).

Metal Building Systems

Typically, these systems include wall assemblies, roof assemblies, columns, and beams.

Thermal Improvements & Upgraded Thermal Systems

These energy-efficient improvements and systems help with keeping your buildings cool or warm by meeting insulation or air infiltration requirements.

Framing Systems

These systems are structures of a building holding up the walls, floors, and roofs. They use structural elements and dimensional lumber to support the wall and sheathing materials to cover them.

Conventional Designs

This familiar method of construction is traditional and more labour intensive. Structures consist of supporting beams and concrete slabs.

Hybrid Designs

Custom, cost-efficient infrastructures that can make any homes look unique while combining conventional methods.

Wall Systems

These are modular systems of shelves, often including cabinets or other storage spaces, either mounted on a wall or arranged in freestanding units for holding various items.

Exterior Treatments & Enhancements

Treatments can include windows, walls, sidings, and other exterior fixtures you may have on your building.